Monday, June 23, 2008

Media | Internet | Mood Ring for the 21st Century

Getty, stock image and audio provider to the world, has devised quite the new multimedia project at Moodstream. Billing itself as a source of inspiration, Moodstream polls you on your current or desired mood using a 5-parameter scale (or gives you the option of choosing one of the very Urban Yoga-esque presets) and then streams images and audio clips to match the mood.

Long has Getty been touting the power of imagery to impact people (as extolled in their Change Me initiative). With Moodstream they have gone an obvious step further and started championing steaming multimedia for it's powers of influence. While the presence of "moodboards" (think storyboards for the emo set) are consistent with the stated purposed of inspiring creatives who have hit a roadblock and need a kick-start, I can't help but think this would make a great background for a multi-media wine tasting party at my place (if they would only increase the duration of the audio clips to nightclub length and add some cross-fading).

Next Thursday, anyone?

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