Thursday, January 24, 2008

Music | Electronic | Blogs

I've been planning on writing about a lot of these different groups and sites as individual posts, but they've all been piling up so I thought I might as well just do one big music post extraordinaire and get it over with. Where to begin. For my drum & bass fix, I've been going to New Mixes and Breaks Biz for lots of excellent downloads of live sets and radio programmes. New Mixes also has a ton of great mixes for other electronic genres, including an impressive amount of house and techno. Also recommended are excellent mixes on Dogs on Acid for Total Science and Danny Byrd and these Johnnyostars mixes. More locally, there are some good sounds making the pavements of New York reverberate, my favourite probably Trouble & Bass, whose bass-heavy techno-meets-electro-meets-grimey flavours are served up raw and fun. Also they have a lovely logo, which always goes far in my design-biased eyes. Mix that Serif and Sans Serif! Also have enjoyed a party here or there with Sweatshop Labor and the music dropping from Palms Out Sounds. Just when you thought everyone was a deejay, it turns out everyone's a f****n designer, too! Since New York has always seemed like the capital of the mash-up in every sense of the world -- whether you're mashing up records or just against each other on the subway -- nothing could seem more appropriate. Mash on, deesigners. Mash on.

Update: PSFK links to an article on the rise of bassline house in the UK .

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Art | Sculpture | Jen Stark

Jen Stark makes gorgeous sculptures out of stacks of construction paper, most of which show the 'Coriolis Effect' in beautiful, vivid colour. My favourites are the peepholes which you can look into and see these rainbows sprawling out. Gorgeous illustrations as well -- detailed explosions of colour bursting all over the page, depicting scenes that allude to fantasy, other dimensions, and dreams. Or just a ton of acid. Either way, cool stuff.

via Reality Carnival

Photography | Chris Anthony


Discovered a link to an upcoming exhibition of Chris Anthony's latest collection, I'm the Most Normal Person I Know, on Boing Boing. Gothic themes haven't usually inspired me a great deal, but I find as I get older, I'm more attracted to them than I was as a teenager (the age it seems most usual someone falls in love with gothic imagery). Anyway, upon a little web browsing, I also discovered that he's the photographer behind the gorgeous Playstation campaign from a year ago that showed various gaming icons in a state of bloodied carnage from overuse. Even though some of his work clearly uses some photoshop techniques, they seem rather intentionally sophmoric and, I think, add to the overall effect of the photographs imaginary dreamscapes.