Friday, March 30, 2007

Music | Internet | Recent Innovations

I was looking up the track listings for the newest album from Canada's band-du-jour, Arcade Fire, when I stumbled across this website courtesy of your friendly neighborhood search engine.

That site, and my new zip code in Western Australia, reminded me that Sia, one of my favorite pint-sized musicians, has recently updated her website. I wonder if that means more solo material for her after secondment with Zero7 for the past several years....

Also, I really dig the faux-Edwardian styling of the Arcade Fire, and the ever eclectic proletariat fashion of The Decemberists, shown above.

Always being more of a music fan than a music purveyor, I was really impressed with Pandora's Podcasts on the elements of popular music. Great for music listeners, critics, and makers, they are a quick listen at around 8 minutes each - just short enough to stop you from killing them for repeating the same tune with each example. Of course the short-list of songs illustrating whichever style they describe in the podcasts is a nice touch, and might just make you go "hmmmmm" like it's 1993.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Art| Flickr | 11 Spring Street - Wooster Collective

Yep, it's one of those days where it's 17:26 and my brain is officially jelly. I've been thinking thinking thinking since the minute I got in, and my brain needs a break. Good thing I found this vibrant collection of photos on Flickr of the 11 Spring Street Wooster Collective -- link from a blog I've been reading a lot lately, Get-Around-Girl. Anyway, check the photos out, indulge in the bright colours and funky graffiti, and feel your brain go 'aaaaaah.'