Friday, December 12, 2008

Video | "Guillotine" by Phobia & Jubei

Yes, I haven't posted in a million years. New Years resolution #1? Blog more!

Moving on ...

Many of you know that when I win the lottery, I'll use the money to start up the greatest two TV channels, one focused on every amazing TV show that's ever run, from Star Search to Out of this World to Peep Show (just ... Jenne TV ... no concept here, people, other than stuff I like) and the second to bring back a version of the Box to American channels. It was the highlight of living in Amsterdam, and when I catch shows like "The Bridge" running on late night cable here in NY, it just reminds me of how great music videos can be. Growing up, you'd turn on MTV and see all kinds of videos from electronic to hip hop to rock, and I find it saddening that these days, music is so pigeonholed and separated. I was reminded of this recently while stumbling upon some amazing clips from Detroit's "The New Dance Show" that remind us of a time when "dance" music was the stuff falling out of disco that emcompassed everything from breaks to techno to synth-y funk. So below, there's a video from "The New Dance Show" that just brings joy into my heart, and below that, the kind of video that should just be on TV, even late night, amidst all sorts of other music from small bands, big bands, pop bands, deejays, etc.