Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Blogs

Two new blogs have captured my attention lately. The first blog, swissmiss, is from a Swiss designer based in NYC, who posts frequently on a range of graphic curiosities. The second is a friend-of-a-friend, someone I've heard nothing but praise and accolades from the mutual friend, but have never met. Her blog, Conversations on all Continents, is gorgeously written and inspiring -- plus it's nice to read something that gives you reason to stop and savour the language and think, rather than just being filled with fluff meant to be skimmed in a millisecond.

Design/Decor | Sleepyheads


I think these were discovered by a friend on Daily Candy. Either way, these quirky drawings (and pillows culled from them) honour the daydreamers amongst us with. Fun!

Art | Jodie Carey


I can't remember where I found the link to Jodie Carey's work, but I'm really enjoying her sculptures made of bones (albeit, not real bones – they're made of plaster). It reminds me of the bone ossuary of Kutna Hora that I visited back in 2001, only a little bit more uplifting given that they're forming optistic things wedding cakes. A nice contrast between a typically morbid object and sculptures that suggest things about life.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Design | Glueallfuk/Mapple, Elegalindus3, Jelsen Jargon, Liam Devowski

It's Monday again, and I thought I'd share some of my favourite design links today that I've been discovering throughout the past week. First up is Glueallfuk (or Mapple) who I stumbled upon while idly checking out myspace pages for various deejays/bands in NY. (Yes, exciting life.) I wrote to see if he has a website and he sent me to a collection of awesome images he's done. Not sure much more about him, but really cool nonetheless.

Next up is Elegalindus3, who I know (sort of) from ad school, and was reminded of when I excitedly showed my current art director links to the designer above. A lot of gorgeous advertising work, though I definitely enjoy the bold graphics for flyers and posters. The most up-to-date work can be found on his blog.

Another fellow ad school graduate is Jelsen Jargon, who has been doing a ton of very cool work for some big name clients, which pleases me to no end, since his stuff is definitely worth the big budgets and scope of these kinds of clients yet never loses sight of staying true to a real authenticity of great design. I'd upload a photo directly but was having trouble so you'll just have to head straight to his work to get a glimpse of the magic.

And last but definitely not least is Liam Devowski, who I discovered a while back on Urban Outfitter's blog and who has some really nice pieces of typography, art, and illustration up on his site. Looks like he's a recent graduate of Syracuse now living in San Francisco, so hopefully there will be lots of great stuff coming from this guy in the future.