Thursday, May 06, 2010


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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sort of moving to tumblr ...

Still keeping this blog alive. But possibly making a full-time move over there! Stay tuned ...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mistabishi | Printer Jam

This video is still awesome! Mistabishi's song is made from mixing together sounds of a printer, which is probably even more awesome than the video, and is out on his album off Hospital Records.

And since it came out in February 2009, it is really not even that old yet.


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Satan's Toyshop

Please parents, don't buy your children toys here.

I Love these Ads

For a British shoe shop, circa 2006 or so.

My friend and a monkey

This is my friend Yuka. Here she is on the set of "Nip/Tuck" with a very special guest star, who seems to be well-schooled in the art of beaming, radiant glamour girl smiles.

Who me?

Hair of the Future

Bird Fancier's Lung?

Actually, you hear of people who attract birds. I have met a few people in my life who claim they constantly have birds swooping down them, crashing into their car windshields, flying into their places of work. And my partner at work has a bonafide bird phobia. We sit outside sometimes to concept and it is funny that birds do seem fly closer to her than anyone else. Does she give off a special pheromone? Or have some body language they read as non-threatening? Very peculiar.

Oh dear

I think I ate the wrong cupcake.


What do you think is more awkward, putting them on, or taking them off?

Let's All Print This Out and Hang It In Our Offices


It's been a while, kids, and for that I apologise. But we're back, and I hearby promise to post 2x a day, unless I get overwhelmed with work, or something like that. But really, two times a day shouldn't be so hard. And just so I don't drown in words trying to live up to my self-imposed mandate, sometimes those two posts will be just a funny photo or thought. Do we have a deal? Good.

And just in case you're wondering, this newfound resurgence of enthusiasm for all things blog-worthy came about a week ago, when I lamented on ichat to my dear friend Cindy that I was feeling a little creatively underwhelmed, both at work and in life. So she sent me about twelve funny photos to get the ball rolling, and I thought, "why not post simple things like this on the blog?" Rather than trying to wear myself out writing clever analysis of the creative events of the world, why not just post things to literally provide a creative shake-up during the day, and leave it at that? And when I feel so inspired, write longer pieces of commentary. So there you have it. A newfound approach that should allow for more frequent, less precious posting.

So let's get on with it!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Video | "Guillotine" by Phobia & Jubei

Yes, I haven't posted in a million years. New Years resolution #1? Blog more!

Moving on ...

Many of you know that when I win the lottery, I'll use the money to start up the greatest two TV channels, one focused on every amazing TV show that's ever run, from Star Search to Out of this World to Peep Show (just ... Jenne TV ... no concept here, people, other than stuff I like) and the second to bring back a version of the Box to American channels. It was the highlight of living in Amsterdam, and when I catch shows like "The Bridge" running on late night cable here in NY, it just reminds me of how great music videos can be. Growing up, you'd turn on MTV and see all kinds of videos from electronic to hip hop to rock, and I find it saddening that these days, music is so pigeonholed and separated. I was reminded of this recently while stumbling upon some amazing clips from Detroit's "The New Dance Show" that remind us of a time when "dance" music was the stuff falling out of disco that emcompassed everything from breaks to techno to synth-y funk. So below, there's a video from "The New Dance Show" that just brings joy into my heart, and below that, the kind of video that should just be on TV, even late night, amidst all sorts of other music from small bands, big bands, pop bands, deejays, etc.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Amsterdam, the Remix

My recent trip back to Amsterdam gave me the opportunity to catch up with our former neighbour/landlord Alex. It seems he's been quite busy since we shared a staircase. His big beat/electronica/trance alter-ego Geonaute has launched a summer of gigging at electronica festivals, including a trip into Iberian trivia-answer Portugal.

There's a good sampling of his stuff to get you in the mood for the coming weekend's festivities and, if you're in London in the coming weeks, you might even be able to take in an upcoming gig.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Moving Images | Pleix Films

A friend sent me a link to this very cool video from French deejay Vitalic called "Birds", made by the very cool people at Pleix Films who've been responsible for some awesome work over years by the likes of Groove Armada and Basement Jaxx. When I finally start my TV channel, this is the kind of programming you'll find.

Graphic Design | Alex Trochut

It's been a while since I've posted here and I have a backlog of a variety of artists and such to write up little blurbs for, but this illustrator's work just caught my eye at a portfolio review just held at work and it got me so excited I had to share. Alex Trochut is a freelance graphic designer from Barcelona -- he's done a variety of commercial projects, including cover art for a recent Rolling Stones album cover, and his work is so fun, inventive, and gorgeous that it makes me want to squeal with delight. Thankfully, he has posters for sale on his site so I might invest.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blogs | I Believe in Advertising, Adliterate

I've been really enjoying these two ad blogs recently. I Believe in Advertising showcases some of the most cutting-edge work from around the world, sort of like what having a subscription Archive might be like, without a hefty pricetag (or any pricetag). Adliterate on the other hand specialises in commentary on branding in our big, wide, world o' capitalism with thoughtful insights on a range of topics from internal agency dynamics to creative issues.

Blog | A Strange Form of Life


I've been enjoying this collection of collages on A Strange Form of Life, which has led me to explore some really amazing collage artists. One of my favourites is Sean Mackaoui whose piece "Musa sin rumbo" is above, and also pasted on the outside of my cube.

Design, Illlustration | Candykiller


Love these bright, bold designs and illustrations from Candykiller, all circus-and-comic-inspired pieces that lean towards the weird, the eclectic, and the totally deranged.