Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blogs | I Believe in Advertising, Adliterate

I've been really enjoying these two ad blogs recently. I Believe in Advertising showcases some of the most cutting-edge work from around the world, sort of like what having a subscription Archive might be like, without a hefty pricetag (or any pricetag). Adliterate on the other hand specialises in commentary on branding in our big, wide, world o' capitalism with thoughtful insights on a range of topics from internal agency dynamics to creative issues.

Blog | A Strange Form of Life


I've been enjoying this collection of collages on A Strange Form of Life, which has led me to explore some really amazing collage artists. One of my favourites is Sean Mackaoui whose piece "Musa sin rumbo" is above, and also pasted on the outside of my cube.

Design, Illlustration | Candykiller


Love these bright, bold designs and illustrations from Candykiller, all circus-and-comic-inspired pieces that lean towards the weird, the eclectic, and the totally deranged.