Sunday, January 07, 2007

Music | Canadiana | Semprini Records

I tracked this label down thanks to a lead from a friend who gave me a copy of the soundtrack to Regular or Super, a Canadian documentary on the life and work of influential architect Mies van der Rohe.

Semprini Records is a Canadian based label with a small but diverse catalogue, and there is an excellent selection of music to listen to from each of the three groups that the label publishes - a little something for every musical palate.

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hollyho said...

I've also been won over by the high quality releases of Semprini records, since it seems that everything this Montreal label puts out is pure magic! This spring Semprini released Pas Chic Chic's debut album "Au Contraire" (Polaris Prize Long List nominees) The band features members of godspeed you!, Set Fire to Flames, and Cursed.

This month, Semprini released "Grass is Singing," a wonderful indie-folk album by a pan-European group known as Lonely Drifter Karen.

Semprini Records is a great example of a Canadian label with an ear for excellent music!!!